Photo booth is a great way to attract crowd, to keep people entertained and to market your product when it comes to corporate events. Whether it is an office party or a conference, corporate photobooth is always a super hit! When you have a theme and set up a photo booth accordingly it is even more attractive. Mainly do something that is related to your product / services or general theme of the event or occasion and also unique. Photo booths are an interactive way to get people’s attention so make the most of it!

Here are some unique and interesting ideas that you can use for the photo booth for your corporate event.

● Set up the booth to look like a hotel room with props that show the life of a rock star. Another great idea is to set up illustrations based on famous books or movies. A giant photo frame behind which customers could pose and take pictures is another good one. You can set it up like a park with a bench and an appropriate background or ski lift with a snow background, or a forest theme with trees and logs tied up together, etc. Decide on what you want your guests to remember and take back out of the event and base your theme, background and props on that. Just take care to place your brand appropriately so it doesn’t look odd.

● Virtual costumes are a great idea and you can pick event themed virtual costumes where the guests can choose costumes with a drag and drop.

● A Real-time photo collage. You can let users pick the photos of them and their friends and make a collage of it. This would give them an opportunity to not only get a get picture, but also a collage and who can say no to a collage?

● All of us at some stage want to be someone, or look like someone, a great idea is to let people pick a character/person of their choice and replace the character’s face with their own.

● Create your own story! You can have a few template cartoons and users can choose which cartoon and which character they want to be and they can put their face in those cartoons.

● Animated Gif – You can let each customer take four pictures in different poses and give them an animated gif on a CD picture which can be loaded on a social media site.

● Sing your version of the song. Some photo booths do videos as well. In such booths, you can ask people to sing their versions of popular songs and let them show off their musical skills. This will work like a charm for a musical instrument company or a music school.

● Another idea for a video – for Airline or travel related companies; you can ask your guests to make a list of things they would like to do in their most favourite holiday destination.