To logo or not to logo, that is the question. Custom gifts bear the insignia of the relationship and bear a strong message – that this is a professional relationship which is being marketed. As the one giving the gift, you get free daily advertising when your employees, vendors or customers use that monogrammed mug, calendar or t-shirt. But customized gifts can never be considered as personal or heartfelt since they come with a clear message – that this is advertising. However, a customized gift gives a sense of belonging to your recipient. Let’s take each kind of corporate gift and see a comparison between a customized form of the gift and a common form of the gift.

Gift – Mug

Customized form – logo in contrast color clearly visible when it’s being used, with a personal message like “Employee of the Month”
Common form – a jet black mug or a sunshine yellow mug
A mug is a traditional symbol of belonging to a group or community. But unless it’s used in the office, a logo on it does not serve the purpose of bringing the community together. While used in the office, there is a great chance that confusion will rule with identical mugs during the water cooler moments. A customized mug will earn more brownie points than a common mug.

Gift – Calendar

Customized form – logo printed in each month, with name of recipient and their birthdays standing out
Common form – a run-of-the-mill calendar that keeps date
A desktop calendar is an old fashioned gift in these days of digitalization. People no longer use these calendars due to lack of space sometimes. But a digital calendar cannot bring that sense of community that rows of desks displaying such customized calendars can. Once again, a customized form is better than its common form.

Gift – Wine

Customized form – name of giver and recipient carved on the bottle
Common form – a regular bottle of spirit
If your client’s joy and pride is his liquor collection, it will be doubled by having the occasion and his name carved on it. A fine bottle of whiskey with your names carved on it will make it a prized possession in his private collection. It’s also a great aid to recall who gave the bottle and bring forth more stories at the dinner table.

Gift – Gift cards

Customized form – name of recipient printed on it
Common form – a regular gift card with price printed on it
Here is a gift that does not require any customizing at all. A store gift card gives all the freedom to the recipient to buy what he wants, without the hassle of finding a use for a gift. A common form of the gift is pricey enough so it does not require any special insignia.

Gift – Pen set

Customized form – your logo and recipient name printed on the box
Common form – just a regular pen set
A pen set reflects good taste as well as practicality. Such office items will always find a use if given with the right sense of personality and taste.