4 Ways to Build Better Engaging Virtual Events

Events have become the lifeline of all the businesses, whether it is a global repute or a local one. It is the only way nowadays to communicate between business associates and affiliates by maintaining social distance, etc. as due to pandemic 2020, social distancing is the buzz word for staying health-safe.

For obvious reason, learning the triggers of Virtual events engagement has become extremely important to survive the rat race.

It is better to learn the tricks from the pro planners if you are planning to host a virtual business event. For the introduction of your learning process, we have suggested a few points here.  

Get the right tools for your virtual events

virtual conference tools

Right tools are key to host vibrant online events. For example, a dynamic interactive platform for hosting is a requisite. The participants should be able to interact; otherwise, the event will become one-sided and lifeless.

The facility of real-time interactions, the ability to view all the participants, etc. during the event is an excellent way to enliven the communication aspect. Before you arrange the event, adequate research will help you to explore the options.

Have an exciting way of creative participation

virtual conference

You have to keep your participants glued to your event by keeping them engaged. Not only infographics and power points presentation can snatch their complete attention, but you also have to arrange something extra here.

You can split the event into the short breaks, and introduce poll and interactive sessions if possible. If an online conference becomes too lengthy at one stretch, it may lose its vibrancy and attraction. Don’t let your participants’ brain to sit idle watcher.  

Promote engagement by fun-filled activities at virtual events

You can always introduce a session of virtual event printing in the course of your virtual event planning. It is a fun way to feel like a team, while participants are not meeting each other face to face.

Select a service provider who is competent and skilled enough to add some creative vibes in the virtual event you have organized. It is a beautiful and professional way to create some fun corporate gift souvenirs during the event session, where all participants can stay at home.

Introduce a passionate presenter

Don’t let your participants log-off, or swapping their engagement to watching an online movie instead of attending your online events. A professional and passionate event presenter can create a real-life presentation of the event and pull the participants’ pool on the event interface. You need a speaker who knows the theme of the event properly and can present it nicely and professionally. So if the speaker performs as the influencer of your business event, it is a double bonus in your marketing strategy.

These are some of the clues for managing Virtual events engagement successfully. However, you can work on the interactive features more depending on the agenda of your event. 

You can also add trivia, quiz, live streaming fun moments, etch so that the participation of your recipients becomes more spontaneous. You will surely get success in your mission.


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Do Corporate Gifts Increase Your ROI?

Are you the person who is in charge of marketing budgets for your company? Then don’t stop at just allocating funds for advertisements of different kinds, remember to set aside funds for corporate gifts which probably will probably give the highest ROI.

Corporate gift-giving is not just for the holiday season, saying a thank you is an all-year-round thing and what better way to say thanks than with a personalized gift, and it is not just about saying thanks too.

When you give corporate gifts it is a way of showing continued appreciation and celebrating all kinds of milestones and at the same time increasing and spreading your brand awareness and also strengthening relationships with your clients in the long run.

There is a debate on whether corporate gifts should be customized to show even more appreciation to clients or even executives.

Corporate gifts do much more than just showing your appreciation.

  • They work towards improving relationships and loyalty of customers.
  • Not so surprisingly, it also improves the level of service of suppliers
  • When it comes to employees, they develop greater goodwill and productivity.
  • It also increases brand awareness when it comes to prospective customers.
  • It also helps foster good relationships with others, like the press.

In short, yes corporate gifts have a longer shelf life, much more than any advertisement on TV or radio! It is a well-known fact that people prefer and show loyalty to companies that give free gifts.

Points to remember for Corporate Gifting

If you compare the price of a simple thoughtful gift and a spot on TV or radio, the specialty gift is much cheaper and has a more favorable ROI. This will help your clients to remember you better.

You can give gifts for job promotions, anniversaries, birthdays, or random holidays and avoid the usual regular festive seasons. When planning, plan to buy something that will be long-lasting and functional which people will use in their day to day lives rather than something that will be thrown away right after they get them.

So get good quality items which will make a good impression with your clients and customers. The benefits have proven successful and useful for corporate terms.

Importance of Finding the Correct Gift

It is important to make your clients feel appreciated and recognized, it will reflect better on the company’s reputation. This helps in many ways like lower costs, more sales, higher profitability, and lower employee turnover. Hence, many organizations are looking into spending more budget on corporate gifting as an option to make their clients or executives happy.

The right corporate gift always produces a good return on investment, even if it was done with the “right thing to do” attitude. Actually, the more unselfish the gift appears, the higher the ROI may become. It will also make working with you enjoyable for those involved. To make a better impact, find something unique that has an emotional value not necessarily something with a huge monetary value.


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How To Keep Your Audience Engaged The First 30 Minutes Of A D&D

D&D parties can convert from an ordinary event to a fun-filled affair with these fringe activities for D&D. Most of the dinner parties end up being boring with people sitting, drinking, yawning occasionally, and only a few guests enjoying some time on the dance floor.

To let your guests make the most of the D&D party, you need to step it up as a host and try to make the night memorable for your guests so that they remember it for weeks to come. Here are some fringe activities for D&D parties that can help to enliven the mood.

Never Have I Ever

Planning on throwing a dinner and dance party? It is never too late, why not start the evening with the Never Have I Ever Game. This game is best played if your invitees are not formal guests but some close and cool friends getting to know one another! Here is how you play the game. You will have to pick up who wants to start with the questions randomly.

The first person shoots a question, those in the group who have done what he asks takes a shot of the drink in hand. Those who have not done it will wait for the next question. This helps the guests to loosen a bit and works great to introduce your friends to each other.

Pool party

Before you call your guests for dinner and dance, you may want to set up a mini pool party. Organize dinner and appetizers, and let your guests lounge here a bit. The guests get to chill in the pool before they head for drinks and dance. It would help if you had music playing in the background. This is a great way to keep your audience engaged before the start of the D&D party.

Hire an audience entertainer

You may want to engage your guests with an audience entertainer. A dance or music performance or maybe even a magician is a great idea. Several hosts think than once the guests are seated it will for sure they are comfortable. Guests may start getting bored waiting for the dance and dinner party to start. Also, arrange a live band or a live magician to keep your guests entertained before the program starts?

Set activity booths allow your guests to play

A great idea to entertain your guests is to organize some fringe activities for D&D. One great idea would be Partyinkers: https://partyinkers.com/fringe-activities/

Set booths all around the event venue. You can have a palm reader or a fortune-teller in one of the booths. A live caricature artist or painter is also a great option. You may also want to set up an art and craft booth where your guests can make some creations to take home after the event.

Why are the benefits?

You are a pro at arranging the drinks and the food at the party. It is highly probable that you are up to date with the best in catering and drinks what you find a challenge to set the entertainment factor right. You can make it even better is to offer your guests awsome corporate gifts so to make them feel appreciated and happy, especially when it’s customized!

The best ideas of entertainment are those that can combine all kinds of elements. The fringe activities for D&D should be fun. Let the group be involved, which helps to loosen the crowd and gets them comfortable to enjoy the party.


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Out Of The Box Photo booth Ideas For Corporate Events

Photo booth is a great way to attract crowd, to keep people entertained and to market your product when it comes to corporate events. Whether it is an office party or a conference, corporate photobooth is always a super hit! When you have a theme and set up a photo booth accordingly it is even more attractive. Mainly do something that is related to your product / services or general theme of the event or occasion and also unique. Photo booths are an interactive way to get people’s attention so make the most of it!

Here are some unique and interesting ideas that you can use for the photo booth for your corporate event.

● Set up the booth to look like a hotel room with props that show the life of a rock star. Another great idea is to set up illustrations based on famous books or movies. A giant photo frame behind which customers could pose and take pictures is another good one. You can set it up like a park with a bench and an appropriate background or ski lift with a snow background, or a forest theme with trees and logs tied up together, etc. Decide on what you want your guests to remember and take back out of the event and base your theme, background and props on that. Just take care to place your brand appropriately so it doesn’t look odd.

● Virtual costumes are a great idea and you can pick event themed virtual costumes where the guests can choose costumes with a drag and drop.

● A Real-time photo collage. You can let users pick the photos of them and their friends and make a collage of it. This would give them an opportunity to not only get a get picture, but also a collage and who can say no to a collage?

● All of us at some stage want to be someone, or look like someone, a great idea is to let people pick a character/person of their choice and replace the character’s face with their own.

● Create your own story! You can have a few template cartoons and users can choose which cartoon and which character they want to be and they can put their face in those cartoons.

● Animated Gif – You can let each customer take four pictures in different poses and give them an animated gif on a CD picture which can be loaded on a social media site.

● Sing your version of the song. Some photo booths do videos as well. In such booths, you can ask people to sing their versions of popular songs and let them show off their musical skills. This will work like a charm for a musical instrument company or a music school.

● Another idea for a video – for Airline or travel related companies; you can ask your guests to make a list of things they would like to do in their most favourite holiday destination.

Customized Vs Common – Which Type Of Corporate Gift Is More Effective

To logo or not to logo, that is the question. Custom gifts bear the insignia of the relationship and bear a strong message – that this is a professional relationship which is being marketed. As the one giving the gift, you get free daily advertising when your employees, vendors or customers use that monogrammed mug, calendar or t-shirt. But customized gifts can never be considered as personal or heartfelt since they come with a clear message – that this is advertising. However, a customized gift gives a sense of belonging to your recipient. Let’s take each kind of corporate gift and see a comparison between a customized form of the gift and a common form of the gift.

Gift – Mug

Customized form – logo in contrast color clearly visible when it’s being used, with a personal message like “Employee of the Month”
Common form – a jet black mug or a sunshine yellow mug
A mug is a traditional symbol of belonging to a group or community. But unless it’s used in the office, a logo on it does not serve the purpose of bringing the community together. While used in the office, there is a great chance that confusion will rule with identical mugs during the water cooler moments. A customized mug will earn more brownie points than a common mug.

Gift – Calendar

Customized form – logo printed in each month, with name of recipient and their birthdays standing out
Common form – a run-of-the-mill calendar that keeps date
A desktop calendar is an old fashioned gift in these days of digitalization. People no longer use these calendars due to lack of space sometimes. But a digital calendar cannot bring that sense of community that rows of desks displaying such customized calendars can. Once again, a customized form is better than its common form.

Gift – Wine

Customized form – name of giver and recipient carved on the bottle
Common form – a regular bottle of spirit
If your client’s joy and pride is his liquor collection, it will be doubled by having the occasion and his name carved on it. A fine bottle of whiskey with your names carved on it will make it a prized possession in his private collection. It’s also a great aid to recall who gave the bottle and bring forth more stories at the dinner table.

Gift – Gift cards

Customized form – name of recipient printed on it
Common form – a regular gift card with price printed on it
Here is a gift that does not require any customizing at all. A store gift card gives all the freedom to the recipient to buy what he wants, without the hassle of finding a use for a gift. A common form of the gift is pricey enough so it does not require any special insignia.

Gift – Pen set

Customized form – your logo and recipient name printed on the box
Common form – just a regular pen set
A pen set reflects good taste as well as practicality. Such office items will always find a use if given with the right sense of personality and taste.